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Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company

Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Joint Stock Company (SHP) was granted the Investment Certificate of Phase I infrastructure development investment project in Trang Due Industrial Park (187ha) on November 13, 2007. In just over 5 years of operation, SHP Company has successfully attracted investment to fill 100% of commercial land in phase I with the outstanding project LG Electronics and a series of other satellite projects. Along with successfully attracting LG Group, SHP Company has made Trang Due Industrial Park a part of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone.

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 Trang Due Industrial Park Hai Phong

In 2014, SHP Company continued to be granted an Investment Certificate for the 214ha Trang Due Industrial Park project, phase 2. In 2016, with the support from related units and the constant efforts of all employees, SHP Company succeeded in negotiating and attracting two big projects of LG Group. : LG Display project specializing in manufacturing high-tech OLED screens with an investment of 1.5 billion USD (currently increased to 3.25 billion USD) and electric camera module production project LG Innotek's phone has an investment of 1.05 billion USD. From the pervasive influence of LG Group as well as the reputation of the infrastructure investor, SHP Company, the industrial park project phase II of Trang Due Industrial Park was quickly filled 100% within 5 years with other projects. large and small projects both at home and abroad, especially projects from Korea in the fields of electronics, components, precision mechanics...

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Photo: Opening ceremony of LG Hai Phong technology complex in Trang Due Industrial Park

Recognizing the importance of stabilizing human resources in industrial zones, in 2016 the Company started implementing the Trang Due Urban - Trade - Service project (Seoul Ecohome) at the location adjacent to the area. Trang Due industry with a total area of ​​200ha. Seoul Ecohome urban area was developed to serve professionals, workers in the industrial park and people in the surrounding area, to meet the needs of housing and accommodation for workers, ensuring stability. determining labor sources for enterprises in industrial zones. The project includes a full range of modern urban facilities such as: Inter-level schools, medical centers, commercial centers, playgrounds - sports areas, parks, outdoor swimming pools... perfect and green living quality with the style of high-class resorts for residents as well as foreign experts to live and work.


In 2021, following the successes of implemented projects and gaining the trust of local government agencies, SHP Company continues to propose to implement the extended Trang Due Industrial Park project (phase one). III) scale of 687ha. With a convenient location, synchronous infrastructure system, and tax incentives for economic zones, the expanded Trang Due Industrial Park promises to be an ideal destination for domestic and foreign investors. country.
   Not only leading the city in investment attraction results (total investment capital attracted to the industrial park reached 8.5 billion USD, investment rate was 32.3 million USD/ha), SHP Company was also the first movement in social movements and activities for the community. The company always actively participates in all action programs for the community launched by Hai Phong City such as: Red Phoenix Flower Festival, Lunar New Year Fireworks Show, Support for flood compatriots in Central, Fund COVID prevention Hai Phong City People's Committee…
   From the above achievements and contributions, SHP Company has been recognized by noble achievements and awards such as: Third-class Labor Medal, Excellent Emulation Flag of the Government & Hai Phong City and many other members. and other awards from central and local agencies.
    With the capacity and experience in investment, development and management of industrial park and urban area projects, SHP Company has always been a reliable partner trusted and attached to by domestic and foreign investors. With the motto of always ensuring the interests of customers and actively improving the quality of life for people in the area, SHP Company constantly strives to attract quality projects to industrial parks, improving living standards. material and spiritual for the people, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of Hai Phong City.